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10 Traditional Ibiza Dishes You Must Try

posted by: Housing Ibiza in Restaurants


1. Traditional breads and alioli: Though you might not think of bread and oil as one of the top 10 dishes in Ibiza, there’s certainly an argument for it. Ibiza’s restaurateurs are masters at baking amazingly tasty breads and serving them up alongside a seriously delicious garlic mayonnaise sauce. If you want to get your mouth watering before a scrumptious meal in Ibiza, some bread and locally sourced oils and dips are the way to do it!

2. Ensalada Payesa: Made from potatoes, roasted peppers and boiled eggs and combined with sliced ​​onions, fresh tomatoes and olives this tasty starter can be accompanied by dried fish in oil. Perfect for the warm summer months.

3. Sobrasada: The main pickings from the “matanza” (slaughter of the family pig- see arroz de matanza) sobrasada is made from the lean meat of the pig and some belly pork, all minced and mixed with paprika, salt and spices. It’s heavy and hearty and is quite delicious as a starter or snack on warm toasted bread.


4. Bullit de peix:  this dish is one of the best representatives of Ibiza’s cuisine. Is a stew made with rock fish such as grouper, San Pedro roosterfish or rotja (red scorpion fish), and it is usually made with fresh fish of the day, which is why it is difficult to make the taste the same every time. It is served in two parts; broiled fish with potatoes and aioli as the first course, and as the main course, rice cooked with fish broth.

5. Arroz de matanzas: Ibiza is a land of rice, and the arroz de Matanzas might be the most popular one. It is also one of the most complete dishes as it combines elements from the mountains and from the sea. The result is a delicious rice in broth with beef and mushrooms, perfect for the coldest days of the winter. We also recommend trying “A banda” rice and black rice in Ibiza’s restaurants.

6. Frita de pulpo: one of the most typical tapas we can find at bars and restaurants in Ibiza. This recipe combines octopus with potatoes, pepper, onion and garlic, which creates an amazing flavor.

7. Sofrit Pagés:  A delicious dish using lamb, chicken, pork, sobrasada and potatoes prepared in a large skillet with spices and garlic.

8. Paella de Marisco: directly translated means “seafood paella”. Each region in Spain have their own version of paella, and the seafood ingredients of this paella come fresh from the bounty of the sea surrounding the island of Ibiza.


9. Flaó:  The definitive traditional Ibiza dessert with its distinctive flavour and soft texture made with eggs, fresh cheese (or cottage cheese), aniseed and mint leaves. Eaten as a dessert or an indulging mid-morning accompaniment with your tea or coffee.

10. Greixonera:  It is made with ensaimadas from the day before, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and lemon.